Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Had another great day at Anytime Pilot Car Service in Fairfield, Ca.

Early run from Vacaville,  Ca to the Hay Rd Landfill with a 64ft 12ft wide mobile office for Willscot. Unfortunately it was on its last leg.
Came home took a nap and went to Woodland, Ca for another big pool. 15.5ft wide 40ft long 6.8ft deep. Very nice pool. Delivered to Walnut Creek Ca.
What a crazy route they gave us.
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Monday, August 26, 2019

Last week of month busy.


Sunday's load was a new customer out of North Dakota,  we took 2 loads from Reno, Nv to Santa Clara, Ca.  Generator platforms. 13ft 7 in wide by 48ft long.

Then Monday to went from Green Island Rd to City of American Canyon near the old Landfill. 1 office Trailer @ 630am.

Relaxing now for tomorrow.
Working Vacaville to Vacaville Landfill tomorrow.
Jim and Mark will doing a pool from Woodland, Ca to Walnut Creek,  Ca.

Weds be at the Port of Oakland

Thursday will be taking an Office trailer to Santa Rosa Ca.

Friday will be in Vacaville, Ca again. 

I'm writing this on Monday and my week is booked which makes it great for Jim and Mark.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Anytime pilot car service

I've been so grateful of all my loyal customers believing in me and my help.
We are doing well.

This week I moved Monday a large platform from French Camp,  Ca to San Jose,  Ca

Tuesday - this was tank day. Did an early am wine tank from Sonoma, Ca to Vallejo, Ca I80 and Hwy 37
2nd load 3 water storage tanks from WB 80 Cordelia Scales to Monte Rio, Ca

Weds - swimming pool from Woodland, Ca to Redding,Ca

Thursday - busy busy day. Took a platform from Benicia, Ca to Martinez, Ca Shell Refinery then off to the Port of Oakland for an onsight load, then off to Fremont, Ca for 2 I Beams 115ft long to the new Bart Station.

Friday - going to Folsom, Ca yo 1 mile off freeway,  then heading to Oregon State Line to pick up a platform to take to San Francisco.

Jim took a boat from Arcata, Ca to Brentwood, Ca.
He also did the pool with me, and
2 loads (separate)WB80 Cordelia Scales to Santa Rosa,  Ca.

Mark took a pickup machine out of Smartsville, Ca to I80 Auburn.
He also took a swimming pool to Oregon line.

I also handed out some other work to other pilots but everyone stayed busy this week.  And everyone made decent money.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Friday I did a haul truck. Folsom, Ca to WB50. Big job.
Literally 1 mile.
That was a rough day.

Today I'm in French Camp taking a load to San Jose.
This is for a hospital.
Mark is working on Mare Island.  Shuttling
Jim is Going from WB80 Scales to Santa Rosa.
Hauling Trusses.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2 Different Loads and Jim & Mark out also

Myself I had 2 runs. 1st was 440am with a New Customer. Syar Napa to Downtown San Francisco. 1 big column rebar.
2nd load from Petaluma,Ca to St. Helena, Ca. Cat D8T Dozer.

This morning I sent Mark to West Sacramento, Ca to Folsom, Ca.
Late morning Jim got a Dispatch to Port of Oakland, Ca for an on port delivery.

Tomorrow is not quite as busy, but I gave 5 Jobs away.

Jim is going to Hayward Ca tomorrow with a 9 axle.

Mark is going to shuttle school rooms in Fremont, Ca

I am going on a shorty Benicia,Ca to Martinez, Ca

Couple of photos from yesterday.

Friday, August 9, 2019

I have been really busy.
Also late last night went to Treasure Island to San Bruno with a D8T thinking a short run. NOT!
I have been to Anqwin , i think i am spelling it right, then to Middletown off of Hwy 175 and Hwy 53.  Earlier in the day I went to Roseville to West Sac with a 12 wide office trailer.
Today I have been up since 130am , thats 1.5hrs sleep went to Willits, Ca to get a Cat 588LL. Beautiful new machine. Took that to a place far far away. 16 hrs day.
This run today put my skills to a test. Very Steep, very narrow and very rugged. We had an awesome driver and his wife as the other pilot who they are both really awesome to work with. In fact I have been assigning others to my other clients because this new customer not only pays very fast, they are very nice to work for. Very patient and safe. I will work with as long as they welcome me.
I am falling asleep. I Have a couple of new photos, I also went home the coast today. Went to Jenner, Bodega Bay, Ft Ross, Hauser Bridge, Timber Cove, Petaluma, Cotati.
This week i think i have been everywhere. I have been just to name a few: , and what is listed above - Richmond, Port Of Oakland, Corning , Redding, Woodland, Williams, West Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, San Francisco, Vallejo, Lakeville Highway, Hwy 101, Hwy 1, I-505,I-5,I80, HWY 99, HWY 175, HWY 53, HWY 29, Butts Canyon Rd, Deer Park Ln , Silverado Trail, Montecello Rd, Wooden Valley Cross Roads, and some i know i am not listing. Very Very busy.
Thank you God for Looking after me and my family and Ruger.
Please respond at the bottom if you wish.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Anytime pilot Car Service Fleet

Anytime Pilot Car Service is located just West of Fairfield, Ca in the country off of Rockville Rd. We are not open to the public. This is our base only.
We currently have 2 trucks up and going. I am 1 of the operators and owner.
I have 1 chevy silverado and a dodge ram.
Both trucks run with light bars, oversize racks , Galaxy 55 11 Meter Radios.
I am not cheap when it comes to talking to the driver and delivering the correct message loud and clear, no matter if its up close or a mile or two in front of the load. Safety and Communication is #1.
Both trucks have led light bars, although as seen in the pictures the silverado also has rotators.
Both trucks have Electronic Air Horns on them. The horn plays a very important roll when warning pedistrians and bikes on the shoulder. In our experience on the road honking the regular truck horn does not get bikes, walkers or runners attention so we took 1 step further and installed Electric Air Horns. Very effective and being a tool and only using when needed they are very affective.
Both trucks have 2 way portable radios with adapters for external cb radios for you know those drivers that dont provide cbs. Yes in 2019 there are drivers with no cbs (state of california State Law state 2 way communication between driver and pilot is the Law-Cell phones are NOT 2 way communication).
Also carry tools, flags banners, fire extinguishers, cones, triangles, flares, first aid kits, jacks, flashlights, hard hats, Type 3 reflective vests and pants, gloves, 18 inch stop slow paddle and much more.
Going into this business I was not shy on spending to be successful as to anyone should follow and do the same.
I have my 2 trucks , I am 1 of the drivers and I have a part time driver in my chevy.
I carry 1 million dollars of Commercial ins and if requested 1 million general liability.
All drivers a Certified Utah/Colorado and have Nevada Amber light permit.
We provide Lead and Chase and High Pole can be located but my trucks are not set up for high pole.
I have 6 independant pilots that work under me. Yes i am that busy. I have contact with approx 50 other pilots through out the US.
3 of my pilots are out for the long hauls and 3 i try to keep close to me.
I plan on having 4 trucks next year of my own and so on for the years after.
I hope you enjoy my pictures and my future blogs and please respond or ask questions.
Again Fairfield , Ca is my home base and office, but we take care of all of the Bay Area, Sacramento, Coastal areas, Pretty much everything and anytime Fresno North.
I keep in contact with some key pilot car drivers and I dont step on their toes nor do i take their companies. If you have a pilot company in Stockton Ca or Sacramento Ca i will not overstep my boundary with them.

Here is my fleet